About us

How it started.

Ashanti Lation was already a well known hairstylist in New Orleans, LA before she decided to launch VIP Luxury Hair Care in 2014. She was achieving all of her goals - a thriving hair salon (VIP LUX Salon), a booming hair extensions business (VIP Luxury Hair) and a budding family - but Ashanti was determined to create another brand that spoke to her roots and convictions as a healthy hair specialist. Past experiences with hair trauma in the forms of alopecia and dermititis guided her to spend years treating and coaching her clients through their own hair issues. And thus, VIP Luxury Hair Care was born.

How it's going.

Today, VIP Luxury Hair Care is one of the fastest growing black-owned beauy brands in the United States. The line currently consists of 15 professional grade products with over 60,000 customers worldwide.

We're still working on expanding the product line as well reach - with plans to enter retail stores in th US by fall 2024, followed by international distribution by 2025.

We wanted to provide products that gave the feeling and results of going to a professional salon.

- Ashanti Lation

What does it mean to be VIP?

Being a VIP is all about knowing your worth. Knowing your worthy of high-quality, professional grade products that leave your hair feeling soft, voluminous and most of all - healthy. Being a VIP means you cherish luxury experiences and don't settle for anything basic.

At VIP Luxury Hair Care we believe that everyone deserves to feel like a VIP. We make a conscious effort to make our customers feel seen and catered to at every interaction with our brand.