5 Knotless Braid Style You Should Try for Spring 2021

We love box braids because they are versatile and protective of our natural hair. As Black women, we love to experiment with our hair. One day we want a sleek pony and the next begging our stylist for ‘Rihanna’ red pixie cut. Braids of all styles is our happy medium. In 2019, the hair community was introduced to knotless box braids which is a variation of what we’re used to. Instead of placing an ‘anchor knot’, the stylist gradually weaves the braiding hair with your natural strands to create a seamless finish. The appearance is effortless, flattering, and more importantly doing less damage to your edges than traditional box braids. Enjoy our 5 Ways to Style Your Knotless Box Braids and let us know what you think.

Because there’s less tension on your scalp, knotless braids are perfect for twisting into a high up-do. Pull all your braids into a high ponytail with a smooth hairband, then wrap the ponytail around itself to form a bun. Tuck the ends underneath the bun for a clean finish. This style gives us chic vibes that show off our face and can upgrade any look with a preferred, red lip.

A pony plait is a youth daytime look that is fitting for running errands, working out, or a lunch date. It allows your hair to be up and out the way avoiding any chance of it getting soaked in sweat, caught in a seat belt or even in your food. Enhance this look with a hair tie or accessory as we have pictured.

Try this style to achieve a fresh and youthful look. The hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds allowing you to show off the length while adding a fun flair of a high ponytail. For best results, position the ‘up’ section of your hair at the crown, so it’s visible from the front.

Why stop at box braids? Why stop at a single plat? Why stop at a ponytail? Incorporate all these styles into one with a fishtail braid. This is easier than it looks and gives off the appearance you put much more time into your look. Click here to see how we achieved this braid in our Tiktok tutorial. 

The easiest way to wear your knotless braids giving a bohemian and/or freespirit vibe. Switch it up with a side or deep-side part. Have it your way.

Which is your favorite that you'll be rocking this spring? Let us know!