How My Hair Grew Healthier During The Pandemic

Guest blogger and loyal VIP customer, Tracee Turner, tells her #GreauxStory of how she first met our founder, was introduced to our products right before the COVID-19 pandemic, and how her hair was bale to thrive during the shutdown.

My HairStory

All my life, I've had a decent amount of hair. I've always gotten relaxers and my hair still grew to about bra strap length without a problem. There were periods when I rocked a bob, but for the most part, my hair just naturally grew. I was one of the those bob wearers that had to do alot of maintenance just to keep it short and lined up in the back. Yes inverted bob!! Once I was in college, I started getting my hair professionally colored once a year on my birthday. You couldn't tell me nothing about my highlights and lo-lights. I maintained it with an at-home hair care plan and salon visits in between. I was the Queen of roller sets and only applying minimal heat on my hair. I would only flat iron my roots (and ONLY my roots, nothing else) on wash days, which was every 7-9 days. Yes I was counting. I couldn't quite make it to the 14 day mark due to my seborrheic dermatitis. But nonetheless, I was treating that too and my hair game became even stronger!

Fast Forward to Adulting

Life got busy and I started taking shortcuts. I stopped going to the salon that I used to frequent because they were by appointment only and that didn't fit my calendar anymore.  Like I'm talking having to book months out for a wash and style. So I started to go to salons that would allow for my spontaneous appointment requests and walk-in visits.  And boy did that wreak havoc on my hair!!  The Christmas Card photo posted below is not a bob cut intentionally!!  My hair started to break off BADLY! hair became super short

I was conveniently told that is was due to all of the chemical processes that I was getting, i.e. coloring and relaxers, and maybe so!  But it seemed strange to me because I never had an issue with it in the past. I was only getting a relaxer twice a year, and demi-permanent colors once a year.  Now granted, many things could have been the culprit.  Issues such as hormones, diet, lack of water, vitamin deficiencies, having children, age, and so much more could have potentially played a factor in my hair breakage. But ultimately, I just wanted to get back to the BASICS with a simple hair care plan that I could do at home, mixed with professional salon visits in between to keep me on track.


And Then There Was Ashanti...

So it was the first day on set for Southern Charm NOLA, Season 1, when I met Ashanti. She was the hairstylist to Tamica Lee, who's edges are always laid!  (Tamica and I have a running joke til this day that I cannot wet her edges with makeup setting sprays.) As Ashanti and I were doing hair and makeup on Tamica, I couldn't help but to admire the sheen, luminosity, and body that Ashanti rebirthed into Tamica's hair. I mean not a flyaway in sight!  I was INSTANTLY BLOWN away.  I was like, "Sis, What Is That?!"  She professionally educated me on what she was doing and introduced her hair care line to me, VIP Luxury Hair Care.  I asked her where I could purchase, and she kindly, without hesitation, went into her kit and gifted me her Silk Shot Spray and Silk Shot Smoothing Serum.  I was like "THANK YOU"!!  (WHO DOES THAT! Ashanti, that's who!!)

After using her products, I saw immediate results to the structure of my hair.  My hair felt stronger and healthier after each use.  I was so much of a fan of her products, that I wanted to become a client.  I saw how her techniques and products transformed and grew her clients' hair on Instagram. I wanted to be that BEFORE & AFTER.  But the way her calendar was (and is still) setup, honey chile.......... THE WAIT!  But when I tell YOUUUUUUU, the wait was well worth it.  In 2018, I FINALLY got in!!!  

Stronger, Healthier Hair

Ashanti completely weened me off of relaxers and started me on her full hair care system (the Greaux Shampoo and Greaux Conditioner, Greaux Drops, D. Luxe Detangler & Leave-In Conditioner, Prolong Hair Oil, and continued using the Silk Shot Serum, and Silk Shot Smoothing Spray on my hair.  By Christmas of 2018, all of my broken hair had caught up to my trimmed hair. I now had the sheen, luminosity, and the overall healthy appearance that I desired.

Mother's Day 2019
Also 2019


The COVID-19 Quarantine

When the Stay At Home order was put into effect, I about died!!  The thought of doing my own hair again was scary because I never had to manage my "natural" hair.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to detangle it, because even my relaxed hair gave me the blues once wet!  But it was for this reason when I noticed, (REALLY VISUALLY NOTICED), the difference.  Since I am the Queen of buns and a curly hairdo, I just didn't realize that my hair had grown!